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79th Armenian Ch. The Highest League

Last update 20.01.2019 16:29:21, Creator/Last Upload: chess house

Starting rank list of players

4GMHovhannisyan Robert13302507ARM26372655
10GMMartirosyan Haik M.13306553ARM26072620
2GMAndriasian Zaven13302000ARM26042607
1GMPashikian Arman13301578ARM25992606
8GMPetrosian Tigran L.13301616ARM25982602
5GMPetrosyan Manuel13300857ARM25792587
7GMTer-Sahakyan Samvel13302531ARM25742592
6GMHakobyan Aram13306677ARM25452572
9IMHarutyunian Tigran K.13303635ARM25422552
3IMSargsyan Shant13306766ARM24862514
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