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Cupa de iarna Smart Galati, 12-13 ianuarie 2019, incepatori U8

Last update 13.01.2019 11:23:31, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 22)

Starting rank

1Calin Rares IonutROU1001Acs Smart Galati
2Danaila Raul LucaROU1001Acs Smart Galati
3Paraschiv AnaROU1001Acs Smart Galati
4Savin LeonardROU1001Acs Genius Galati
5Brasoveanu EmilianROU0Acs Genius Galati
6Lescai RaduROU0Acs Genius Galati
7Ferea BogdanROU0Acs Genius Galati
8Gradinaru MariaROU0Acs Genius Galati
9Gradinaru MateiROU0Acs Genius Galati
10Ion AlexandruROU0Acs Genius Galati
11Mihai BogdanROU0Acs Genius Galati
12Mihalea AlbertROU0Acs Smart Galati
13Oprea Stefania-AlexiaROU0Acs Genius Galati
14Stoian StefanROU0Cs Sah Club Galati