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2018 Wild Card Chess Championships (U16 Girls)

Last update 24.12.2018 11:31:47, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 20)

Starting rank

1Du Preez Sune20400809214318989RSA1188w16G
2Spamers Vianey204079001RSA1094w16G
3Botes Carnelle204058561RSA1017w16G
4Cannon Kaylyn Sidney2000101415RSA931w
5Neves Sharne203047642RSA927w16G
6Mitchells Jamie-Lee203049830RSA908w16G
7Khwalo Thembi204091522RSA873w16G
8Michaels Lauri-Kay20308612714334690RSA843w16G
9Mkhize Mbali204010507214337401RSA805w
10Molele Moloko204065654RSA752w16G
11Ligwa Anastacia204078531RSA746w16G
12Thusi Bongi20608256114337649RSA670w
13Wright Avis Isabella20407766314337703RSA670w16G