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XYChess Spring Open A 2019

Last update 11.05.2019 22:07:42, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1GMNaumkin Igor4101715RUS2382
2Stanley Mikael1703730SWE2190
3Zerafa Robert5600618MLT2165
4Andersen Jens Knud4616910GER2153
5Pliev Vladimir24126683RUS1927
6Aristegui Michel628328FRA1915
7Said Oliver5600405MLT1905
8Maksimenko Andrei Jr14126419POL1902
9Alexa Cosmin5601460MLT1871
10Barishnikova Lyudmila13402781AZE1862
11Fischer Gerd4679580GER1848
12Lombard Olivier5602386MLT1848
13Van Ginkel Henk1036394NED1844
14Mizzi Jack5602521MLT1827
15Stefanovic Bora5600391MLT1799
16Parker Keith444596ENG1773
17Pala Onurcan6363318TUR1743
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