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2018 Northwick Park Minor U115

Last update 19.12.2018 18:41:29, Creator/Last Upload: ljcc

Starting rank

1Balasundaram Sivasatyan307358ENG114114
2Goldsmith Jennifer111361431001ENG105105
3Humphry Philip S113222456276ENG101101
4Wang Sophie311840ENG9191
5Jeevan Senthuran305574471720ENG9090
6Mccauley Paul309390457710ENG8282
7Goldsmith Charlie3049956430126ENG6868
8Scott Len A279576ENG00
9Farahi Far Mohammad317205469823ENG00
10K H Srikanta Prasad313742ENG00
11Whelan Sean316982ENG00
12Matilal Tamal K115080436259ENG9797