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King Salman World Blitz Championship 2018 Open

Last update 30.12.2018 15:58:52, Creator/Last Upload: vladimir fedorov, ia, rus

Player info

NameKarjakin Sergey
Starting rank12
Rating national0
Rating international2759
Performance rating2800
FIDE rtg +/-22,8
Year of birth 1990


112113GMLevin Evgeny A.2539RUS10,0s 1204,40
21091GMNajer Evgeniy2573RUS11,0w 1205,20
3657GMIndjic Aleksandar2643SRB12,5s 1206,80
4448GMPostny Evgeny2657ISR10,5w 020-12,80
51368GMCheparinov Ivan2618GEO12,0s ½20-3,80
61564GMRiazantsev Alexander2633RUS11,0w 1206,60
71033GMKovalenko Igor2693LAT12,0s ½20-1,80
81143GMVallejo Pons Francisco2673ESP12,5w 1207,60
9638GMAdly Ahmed2675EGY13,0s 020-12,40
101358GMMaghsoodloo Parham2642IRI12,5w 1206,80
11734GMZhigalko Sergei2693BLR13,0s 1208,20
12613GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2754AZE13,5w ½20-0,20
1349GMAndreikin Dmitry2777RUS13,5s ½200,60
14739GMDreev Aleksey2675RUS13,0w ½20-2,40
15652GMMatlakov Maxim2653RUS13,5s ½20-2,80
16886GMSmirin Ilia2582ISR11,0w 1205,40
17232GMDuda Jan-Krzysztof2694POL16,5w ½20-1,80
1833GMAronian Levon2858ARM14,0s 020-7,20
19970GMJakovenko Dmitry2616RUS13,0w 1206,20
20514GMGiri Anish2751NED13,5s ½20-0,20
21411GMSvidler Peter2770RUS14,0w 12010,40
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