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King Salman World Blitz Championship 2018 Open

Last update 30.12.2018 15:58:52, Creator/Last Upload: vladimir fedorov, ia, rus

Player info

NameNihal Sarin
Starting rank139
Rating national0
Rating international2506
Performance rating2777
FIDE rtg +/-151,6
Year of birth 2004


13838GMAdly Ahmed2675EGY13,0w 12014,40
23150GMAmonatov Farrukh2656TJK5,5s 020-6,00
35174GMTari Aryan2608NOR10,5w 12012,80
43252GMMatlakov Maxim2653RUS13,5s 020-6,00
54856GMSalem A.R. Saleh2645UAE12,5w 12013,80
64180IMSychev Klementy2594RUS13,0s 12012,40
72240GMInarkiev Ernesto2674RUS13,0w 020-5,60
84062GMChristiansen Johan-Sebastian2635NOR10,5s 020-6,60
95060GMBindrich Falko2639GER9,5w 12013,60
103642GMEsipenko Andrey2673RUS11,0s ½204,40
114073GMMotylev Alexander2609RUS12,0w 12012,80
122859GMOparin Grigoriy2641RUS12,0w ½203,60
132843GMVallejo Pons Francisco2673ESP12,5s ½204,40
142766GMParavyan David2629RUS11,5s 12013,40
152416GMLe Quang Liem2749VIE11,5w 12016,00
161431GMVitiugov Nikita2696RUS13,5w 12015,00
17823GMJones Gawain C B2722ENG12,5s 12015,60
1864GMNepomniachtchi Ian2846RUS14,0w 020-2,40
191239GMDreev Aleksey2675RUS13,0s ½204,40
201220GMZubov Alexander2729UKR13,0w 12015,60
21815GMFedoseev Vladimir2750RUS13,5s ½206,00
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