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King Salman World Rapid Championship 2018 Women

Last update 28.12.2018 18:02:26, Creator/Last Upload: vladimir fedorov, ia, rus

Player overview for FIN

122WFMNazarova Anastasia1893FIN100½011100½05,0912073,80Women

Results of the last round for FIN

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
WFMNazarova Anastasia18935 0 - 15 WGMMaltsevskaya Aleksandra2247

Player details for FIN

WFM Nazarova Anastasia 1893 FIN Rp:2189 Pts. 5,0
160WIMLelekova Olga2261RUS5,0s 12018,00
238WGMBerend Elvira2342LUX7,0w 020-1,60
363IMNakhbayeva Guliskhan2252KAZ6,0s 020-2,00
451WGMFominykh Maria2288RUS6,0w ½208,40
575IMVasilevich Irina2228RUS6,5s 020-2,40
687WFMDumcheva Julia2184RUS6,5w 12017,00
779WFMGeller Anastasiya2208RUS5,5s 12017,20
862WIMMurashova Ekaterina2256RUS5,5w 12018,00
955WIMTomilova Elena2270RUS6,0s 020-1,80
1077WIMStyazhkina Anna2213RUS6,0w 020-2,60
1166WIMKhomeriki Nino2248GEO6,0s ½207,80
1267WGMMaltsevskaya Aleksandra2247RUS6,0w 020-2,20
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