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King Salman World Rapid Championship 2018 Open

Last update 28.12.2018 19:34:50, Creator/Last Upload: vladimir fedorov, ia, rus

Player overview for UAE

39GMSalem A.R. Saleh2682UAE½1½1½½1½1½011009,0332013,00Open

Results of the last round for UAE

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMJakovenko Dmitry27319 1 - 09 GMSalem A.R. Saleh2682

Player details for UAE

GM Salem A.R. Saleh 2682 UAE Rp:2708 Pts. 9,0
1142GMVishnu Prasanna. V2489IND7,5s ½20-5,00
2132GMBelozerov Andrei2511RUS6,0w 1205,40
396GMMoiseenko Vadim2583RUS7,5s ½20-2,80
4102GMPredke Alexandr2566RUS8,0w 1206,80
58GMKarjakin Sergey2774RUS10,0s ½202,60
683GMRoiz Michael2611ISR7,5w ½20-2,00
7160GMChristiansen Johan-Sebastian2421NOR6,5s 1203,60
812GMKamsky Gata2757USA9,5w ½202,00
9163Bazeev German2418RUS8,5s 1203,60
102GMNakamura Hikaru2844USA10,5w ½204,20
1116GMGiri Anish2739NED10,0s 020-8,40
12112GMGoganov Aleksey2545RUS9,0w 1206,40
139GMNepomniachtchi Ian2771RUS9,0s 12012,40
146GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2786AZE10,5w 020-7,20
1521GMJakovenko Dmitry2731RUS10,0s 020-8,60
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