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Panamerican Veteran & Senior Championship 2018

Last update 13.12.2018 17:44:37, Creator: federacion de ajedrez de puerto rico,Last Upload: aneseso

Starting rank

1IMRoselli Mailhe Bernardo3000028URU2430
2IMPelikian Jefferson2100860BRA2359
3FMMussanti Diego104680ARG2352
4IMPiasetski Leon2600072CAN2242
5Fields Paul2006693USA2242
6IMRodriguez Rivera Pedro3500292CUB2223
7CMSosa Nestor6600220PAN2078
8CMSchoonmaker Nicholas2022680USA2047
9FMMolina Jorge3300161BOL1968
10Pitre Hanniegn2606801USA1919
11Cohen Lawrence2026228USA1821
12Brown Clark2053195USA1723
13O`Neill Julie Anne2021447USA1692
14Thau Peter2030489USA1607
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