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6th Fars Chess League 1397

Last update 09.12.2018 16:52:14, Creator/Last Upload: mr. siavash javaheri

Rank after Round 6

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Bashgah mantri 166001222,00
34Bashgah Zehne pouya 165011019,50
41Bashgah Ghaem Maghami 165011019,02
55Bashgah Achmaz65011019,00
66Bishapour kazeroon65011018,50
77Bashgah Farzin 165011017,50
88Heiat Shatranj Firozabad6411917,00
913Bashgah Ghale 16411915,50
1022Bashgah Baharan6411915,00
119Bime Iran Evaz6402817,00
1216Oghab Niro Havaei6402816,50
1323Bashgah Ghaem Maghami 26402816,50
1575Heiat Shatranj Safashahr6402816,50
1620Bashgah Zehne pouya 26402816,00
1714Ghahramanan Shiraz Chess School6321816,00
15Bshgahe Shatranj Rokh 16402816,00
1911Vazir 16402815,50
2018Bshgahe Shatranj Rokh6321815,50
2131Heiat Shatranj Eghlid6402815,50
2230Bashgah Shahmat 16402815,50
2327Bashgah mantri 36402815,00
2428SUMS Boys6402814,00
2612Vazir 26402813,00
2837Trova B6312715,00
2926Bashgah Farzin 26312714,00
3021Heiat Shatranj kavar6312713,00
3139Trova Nojavan6312713,00
3217Vazir 36312712,50
3381Noandishan Rokh Club6312712,00
3444Bashgah mantr76303614,50
3533Bashgah Ghaem Maghami 46303613,50
3635Trova javanan6303613,00
3732Bashgah Zehne pouya 36303613,00
3841Bashgah mantri 66303613,00
3934Shiraz Chess School 16303612,50
4043Bashgah Shahmat 26303612,50
51Bashgah Zehne pouya 66222612,50
4242Andishmand Shiraz Chess School6303612,00
4352Heiat Shatran Kherame6303612,00
4425Bashgah Ghaem Maghami 36303611,00
4536Bashgah Zehne pouya 46222611,00
4638Bashgah Ghaem Maghami 56222611,00
4740Bashgah mantri 86303611,00
4853Bashgah Zehne pouya 76303611,00
4924Shahrokh Shiraz Chess School6303610,50
5050Bashgah Forozan26303610,50
5167Bashgah Mantri 56213511,50
5246Bashgah Bozorgmehr 16132511,50
5355Karpov 16213511,50
5448Bashgah Zehne pouya 56213511,00
5565Bashgah Ghale 36213511,00
5649Bashgah Zehne pouya 96213511,00
5861Bashgah Farzin 46213510,50
5962Bashgah Foroozan 16213510,00
6054Bashgah Mantri 26213510,00
6185Trova Nojavan Boys621359,00
6263Bashgah Ghaem Maghami 6621359,00
76Javanan Shiraz Chess School621359,00
6464Bashgah Ghale 2621358,50
6556Bashgah Farzin 36204411,50
6686Trova Nojavan Girls6204410,50
6783SUMS Girls6123410,00
6866Bashgah Mantri 4620449,00
6982Shohadaye SaI Iran School612349,00
7070Bashgah Shahmat 4620447,00
7160Bashgah Bozorgmehr 2620445,00
7359Ayandesazan Rokh Club611438,50
7447Karpov 2603338,00
72Bashgah Zehne pouya 10611438,00
7745Nojavanan Shiraz Chess School603337,00
7868Bashgah Shahmat 3611437,00
7973BashgahZehne pouya 8611436,50
8084Trova Ayandesazan611436,00
8158Andishesazan Rokh Club611436,00
8277Karpov 3611435,00
8469Bashgah Shahmat 5610524,00
8571Bashgah Shahmat 6601515,50

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)
Tie Break3: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints