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Huddersfield Club Championship 2018-19

Last update 05.12.2018 19:14:40, Creator/Last Upload: huddersfield chess (nigel hepworth)

Starting rank

1Eagleton GregENG187
2Keely LeoENG178
3Burke MitchellENG176
4Keddie DaveENG169
5Hepworth NigelENG145
6Sutcliffe RobertENG132
7Lavan JohnENG131
8Ward AlecENG128
9Sharpe KyleENG123
10Thompson NikkyENG121
11Rojinsky MarkENG114
12Briggs BrendanENG103
13Charlesworth BrynENG102
14Bond ChloeENG100
15Czerwinski PeterENG97
16Tyfa DaveENG97
17Armitage MarkENG70
18Bala MohammedENG70