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GoForChess Junior Rated Chess Championships

Last update 02.12.2018 13:43:10, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 106)

Starting rank

1Barnes JockRSA947
2Nwafor BlessingRSA947
3Naidoo KajolRSA942
4Roetz KyleRSA877
5Jonas LuthandoRSA792
6Froom GabrielRSA775
7Mungal EthanRSA775
8Doherty FelixRSA748
9Deysel KalebRSA720
10Wu YuansiRSA685
11Deysel HannahRSA604
12Froom JacobRSA594
13Froom DavidRSA500
14Moodley ThamaraiRSA500
15Chen YoulinRSA0
16Naidoo NikhilRSA0
17Vendidandi ChaitanyaRSA0