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South Park Chess Club Open Open Section

Last update 01.12.2018 20:18:02, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 85)

Starting rank

1Magagula Raymond1568South Park
2Racaza Sinovuyo1561Mighty Hackers
3Longweni Isaac1389Mighty Hackers
4Mbenenge Phila1369South Park
5Thantamiso Luvuyo1348Wijk Aan Zee
6Pheko Lehlohonolo1208South Park
7Yantolo Monwabisi942Wijk Aan Zee
8Mjanxa Fefekazi904Mighty Hackers
9Faniswa Aviwe692Mighty Hackers
10Mtiya Sonele621South Park
11Cweba Mandilakhe522Wijk Aan Zee
12Msweli Mupenzi0South Park