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South Park Chess Club Open Junior Section

Last update 02.12.2018 19:48:23, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 85)

Starting rank

1Meise Keagen1296South Park
2Totose Zimi1295South Park
3Wang Pei-Shan1273Vikings
4Xongwana Sahlulelo1258South Park
5Lin Ali1143Mighty Hackers
6Ou Jing-Qian1122Vikings
7Chang Sebastian1116Vikings
8Chang Samuel995Vikings
9Wang Ikai989Vikings
10Matayo Liyema980South Park
11Jikijela Anisha941South Park
12Driffield Gary793South Park
13Jikijela Awenkosi755Mighty Hackers
14Dyabooi Azingce500Mighty Hackers