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Bhopal International GrandMasters Chess Tournament 2018

Last update 28.12.2018 10:10:36, Creator/Last Upload: swapnil bansod

Player overview for USA

21GMZiatdinov Raset2252USA½111101½107,02610-4,40

Results of the last round for USA

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypRtg No.
GMZiatdinov RasetS6022527 0 - 17 GMAleksandrov Aleksej2590

Player details for USA

GM Ziatdinov Raset 2252 USA Rp:2059 Pts. 7,0
1209Gourav Nigam1501IND5,0s ½10-3,90
2211Abhinav Dubey1497IND4,5w 1101,10
3233Midilesh Ms1454IND5,0s 1101,10
480Sreekar J S S1859IND6,5w 1101,10
596Amal Roozi1804IND6,0s 1101,10
66IMVignesh N R2455IND8,0w 010-2,40
759Harshad S1939IND7,0s 1101,40
848Parthasarathy R2019IND7,0w ½10-2,90
954Bakshi Rutuja1981IND7,0s 1101,70
101GMAleksandrov Aleksej2590BLR8,0w 010-1,20