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2018 Gauteng LSEN Deaf Trials Players List

Last update 27.11.2018 09:47:29, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 1)

Starting rank

1Kamogelo Leraro0MCK School
2Lukhele blessing703Dominican school
3Mabasa Victor0MCK School
4Mabitsi Lucky0Sizwile school
5Mbele Vuyo500MCK School
6Mfanafuthi Xaba0Ekurhuleni school
7Mkhwanazi Gibson0MCK School
8Mnguni Sithembiso0MCK School
9Msimango Sibusio0MCK School
10Pillay Karena586MCK School
11Rajah Tristan703MCK School
12Sebopela Happy0MCK School
13Sibisi Zama0Sizwile school
14Thatohatsi Seleteng0Ekurhuleni school
15Tinyiko Ngomane0Ekurhuleni school
16Zwane Nhlakansipho716Dominican school