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Last update 07.12.2018 13:20:28, Creator/Last Upload: escuela internacional kasparov marcote


Round 1 on 2018/12/01 at 13:30
112385IMMinero Pineda Sergio½ - ½GMStarostits Ilmars245810
222353IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis0 - 1GMPetkov Vladimir25079
332121Sahelices Casado Roberto0 - 1FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio22308
442488GMStrikovic Aleksa½ - ½GMGalego Luis24977
552292IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael1 - 0GMLarino Nieto David24456
Round 2 on 2018/12/02 at 17:00
1102458GMStarostits Ilmars½ - ½GMLarino Nieto David24456
272497GMGalego Luis1 - 0IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael22925
382230FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio½ - ½GMStrikovic Aleksa24884
492507GMPetkov Vladimir1 - 0Sahelices Casado Roberto21213
512385IMMinero Pineda Sergio1 - 0IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis23532
Round 3 on 2018/12/03 at 10:00
122353IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis½ - ½GMStarostits Ilmars245810
232121Sahelices Casado Roberto0 - 1IMMinero Pineda Sergio23851
342488GMStrikovic Aleksa½ - ½GMPetkov Vladimir25079
452292IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael1 - 0FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio22308
562445GMLarino Nieto David½ - ½GMGalego Luis24977
Round 4 on 2018/12/03 at 17:00
1102458GMStarostits Ilmars½ - ½GMGalego Luis24977
282230FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio0 - 1GMLarino Nieto David24456
392507GMPetkov Vladimir½ - ½IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael22925
412385IMMinero Pineda Sergio½ - ½GMStrikovic Aleksa24884
522353IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis1 - 0Sahelices Casado Roberto21213
Round 5 on 2018/12/04 at 17:00
132121Sahelices Casado Roberto0 - 1GMStarostits Ilmars245810
242488GMStrikovic Aleksa1 - 0IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis23532
352292IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael1 - 0IMMinero Pineda Sergio23851
462445GMLarino Nieto David½ - ½GMPetkov Vladimir25079
572497GMGalego Luis1 - 0FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio22308
Round 6 on 2018/12/05 at 10:00
1102458GMStarostits Ilmars1 - 0FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio22308
292507GMPetkov Vladimir½ - ½GMGalego Luis24977
312385IMMinero Pineda Sergio½ - ½GMLarino Nieto David24456
422353IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis1 - 0IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael22925
532121Sahelices Casado Roberto0 - 1GMStrikovic Aleksa24884
Round 7 on 2018/12/05 at 17:00
142488GMStrikovic Aleksa½ - ½GMStarostits Ilmars245810
252292IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael1 - 0Sahelices Casado Roberto21213
362445GMLarino Nieto David0 - 1IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis23532
472497GMGalego Luis1 - 0IMMinero Pineda Sergio23851
582230FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio0 - 1GMPetkov Vladimir25079
Round 8 on 2018/12/06 at 17:00
1102458GMStarostits Ilmars½ - ½GMPetkov Vladimir25079
212385IMMinero Pineda Sergio0 - 1FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio22308
322353IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis0 - 1GMGalego Luis24977
432121Sahelices Casado Roberto½ - ½GMLarino Nieto David24456
542488GMStrikovic Aleksa½ - ½IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael22925
Round 9 on 2018/12/07 at 10:00
152292IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael½ - ½GMStarostits Ilmars245810
262445GMLarino Nieto David½ - ½GMStrikovic Aleksa24884
372497GMGalego Luis1 - 0Sahelices Casado Roberto21213
482230FMSande Edreira Jose Antonio½ - ½IMGonzalez Trigal Jose Luis23532
592507GMPetkov Vladimir½ - ½IMMinero Pineda Sergio23851