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Braille Autumn Weekend Tournament 2018: Open

Last update 18.11.2018 18:08:42, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Starting rank

1CMRoss Chris N162825410411ENG205Northampton
2Benson Paul J106631406678ENG159Braille Ca
3Mcelroy Ernie1545882501759IRL142Braille Ca
4Kirkham Mark193361410004ENG134Braille Ca
5Chambers Colin R108174415197ENG128Cheltenham (Glo)
6Lovell Stan E114607418285ENG127Braille Ca
7Blencowe Ian P106888418510ENG123Wotton Hall
8Phillips George W117056ENG111Braille Ca
9Casey Eamonn2347212506548ENG104Braille Ca
10Murphy Richard Lw100498411230ENG102Macclesfield