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5th Toa Payoh East CC WEC Junior Chess Championships 2018 - PreS

Last update 11.11.2018 10:35:48, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Academy (Singapore) PL

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Starting rank

1Aw Zhuo RuiSGP0
2Bagul Aaradhya SuyogSGP0
3Bhagoji Saurav RahulSGP0
4Ebrahim KiaanSGP0
5Gunalan Rehan Sheng YangSGP0
6Gunalan Roshan Sheng YaoSGP0
7Heng KyanSGP0
8Jang Ji WooSGP0
9Kuo NicholasSGP0
10Lee Yi Xian DreSGP0
11Lee Zong Han IsaacSGP0
12Lian Pei Ying SophieSGP0w
13Lim Zhi Loong Cayden RaySGP0
14Low Kah Wai DavidSGP0
15Pranav MithunSGP0
16Ramirez Dione AlbertSGP0
17Tan CayleneSGP0w
18Tan Kai Lun KadenSIN0
19Velmuguran SreekarthikaSGP0w
20Venkata Narayanaswamy HareshSGP0
21Vinai AdvikaSGP0w
22Wei Zheng Han AustinSGP0
23Wong BenjaminSGP0
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