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5th Toa Payoh East CC WEC Junior Chess Championships 2018 - OPEN

Last update 10.11.2018 05:40:30, Creator/Last Upload: chess academy (singapore) pl

Starting rank

1Heng Cho YawSGP1448
2Chia Yu Zhe AshtonSGP1437
3Heng Cho FaiSGP1423
4Lee I-ShiangSGP1385
5Ho Khai Sheng SamuelSGP1354
6Burman Ray PritishSGP1206
7Borkar KushSGP1101
8Oh Kang Le CliffordSGP1075
9Wong NathanSGP1067
10Borkar LaboniSGP0w
11Christensen Nikolaj LimSGP0
12Kulkarni OjasSGP0
13Lim ScottSGP0
14Sum Sze LokSGP0w
15Teo ShaneSGP0
16Terekhov KristinaSGP0w
17Tobin William ChristieSGP0