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6th Witney Chess Congress Open

Last update 04.11.2018 18:51:09, Creator/Last Upload: Pseudorandom

Starting rank

1Harvey Marcus R252763230Witney
2Zakarian David2844062134ncl Oxfordshire
3Handley Michael R112021194Cowley
4Hayward Philip T279623190None
5Purdon Colin148508182Crowthorne
6Mueller Jens315071173None
7Moyse Nigel J247723171Cumnor
8Hosdurga Chirag293662170Downend Bristol
9Faulkner Martin J110474162Coulsdon
10Mcnally Richard J E115365159Stratford-Upon-Avon
11Sheremetyeva Elizaveta284508158wWitney
12Khan Samir298526131Mcs
13Czaya Wojciech2677610None
14Wilson Edgar00None
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