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National Junior ( U-19 ) Girls Chess Championship 2018 196683/DEL/2018

Last update 06.12.2018 09:55:03, Creator/Last Upload: vidhatri lakshmi

Player info

NameGhosh Samriddhaa
Starting rank22
Rating national0
Rating international1870
Performance rating1907
FIDE rtg +/-46,8
Club/CityW B
Year of birth 2002


12297Kalaiarasi D Pasubathi1203INDT N5,0w 1
21961Mistry Tinaz Dinkoo1486INDGuj5,5s 1
322WIMAakanksha Hagawane2264INDMah8,5s 0
41960Kheerthi Ganta1505INDTel5,5w 1
51244Benasir M1641INDT N6,5s 1
6846Abirama Srinithi G1627INDT N6,0w 1
738WFMArpita Mukherjee2090INDW B7,5s ½
8517WIMChandreyee Hajra1963INDW B7,0w ½
965Priyanka K2207INDT N7,5s 0
101156Senthamizh Yazhini S1549INDT N6,0w 1
11715Bakshi Rutuja1981INDMah7,5s ½
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