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1º Torneio de Xadrez "Pizzaria Xeque-Mate"

Last update 10.10.2010 22:54:31, Creator/Last Upload: fpxbragança

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Martins David Pires TavaresU14POR16821861Clube Amador Mirandela6,50,026,022,5
25Martins Guilherme Pires TavarU14POR14831501Clube Amador Mirandela6,00,023,019,5
31Teixeira Rafael Eduardo SilvaU18POR17531704Clube Amador Mirandela5,50,023,022,0
46Vaz Vitor DiogoU18POR14391596O Bila - Cx Vila Real5,00,019,020,5
511Alves JoelU14POR12000Escola Pedras Salgadas4,50,016,518,0
64Martins Miguel Alexandre RU14POR14911604Clube Amador Mirandela4,00,020,023,5
78Esteves JoaoU18POR13500CTM Chaves4,00,017,021,5
819Martins Cristina S RodriguesU10wPOR11040Clube Amador Mirandela4,00,016,017,5
915Rodrigues HugoU12POR11500Escola Pedras Salgadas4,00,015,018,5
1010Martins Tomas Pires TavaresU10POR13000Clube Amador Mirandela4,00,015,016,0
113Morais MateusPOR15000CTM Chaves3,50,018,520,5
26Oliveira Maria Elisa Ramos MaU8wPOR10200Nxv S. Cosme - Didáxis3,50,018,520,5
1325Liborio Maria Ines CavadinhasU12wPOR10370Clube Amador Mirandela3,50,015,517,5
1422Gomes David Nuno CastroU10POR10500Clube Amador Mirandela3,50,014,520,0
1512Mesquita Jose Miguel MarcelinU14POR11990Clube Amador Mirandela3,50,013,517,0
167Ribeiro PedroU20POR14000CTM Chaves3,50,013,515,5
1724Oliveira Maria Alice Ramos MaU8wPOR10380Nxv S. Cosme - Didáxis3,00,013,018,5
1820Pinto MarianaU10POR11000Escola Pedras Salgadas3,00,010,515,5
1917Rodrigues Ana Raquel BasilioU14wPOR11430Clube Amador Mirandela3,00,010,016,0
209Taveira LuisU18POR13500CTM Chaves3,00,010,014,0
2123Lopes Armindo Gonçalo FerreiraU8POR10500Clube Amador Mirandela2,50,08,514,0
2216Rodrigues Pedro Miguel RamiresU12POR11500Clube Amador Mirandela2,50,07,512,5
2318Rodrigues David Jorge BasilioU8POR11060Clube Amador Mirandela2,50,07,015,5
2421Lopes Carlos Filipe FerreiraU10POR10660Clube Amador Mirandela2,00,09,015,5
2527Rodrigues Cristina RamiresPOR15000Clube Amador Mirandela1,00,04,014,0
2614Pinheiro DanielU12POR11500CTM Chaves0,00,00,015,5
2713Timoteo Andre Miguel FigueireU16POR11530Clube Amador Mirandela0,00,00,012,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)