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CHESS WIZ JUNIOR CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2018- Class X to XII (Girls) Date13-14 Nov. Venue: Forum Celebration Mall, Bhuwana, Udaipur for School Players-9413045606

Last update 14.11.2018 07:26:38, Creator/Last Upload: chess in lakecity

Starting rank

1Akshita JainIND1307K V PN
2Anisha JainIND1150K V PN
3Dishee JainIND1033SAS GV
4AditiIND0K V PN
5Anjali RejiIND0SAS GV
7Khushboo WadhwaIND0K V PN
8Kirti ShahIND0K V PN
9Lakshita ShaktawatIND0SAS HM
10Lavisha JainIND0SAS HM
11Namjas KaurIND0SAS GV
12Sakshi VaishnavIND0K V PN
13Shruti DeibgerIND0ASCENT