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SACSSA 2018 Under 13 Girls

Last update 27.10.2018 17:01:37, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 106)

Starting rank

1Botha AmyRSA0Centurion School
2Cook EmilyRSA0Destiny Academy Gateway
3Favager ChloeRSA0Shanan School
4Khosa NtshoveloRSA0Shanan School
5Li HailinRSA0Alberton Academy
6Majozi NosiphoRSA0Durban Christian Centre
7Makhosane LethaboRSA0Tomorrows People
8Mate AquinaRSA0Cosmos
9Mathe HlumiRSA0Gateway Christian School
10Motsa BoikanyoRSA0Alberton Academy
12Pennells KaylinRSA0West Rand
13Stewart KylieRSA0Gateway Christian School
14Van Zyl CorneRSA0Sonrise School
15Zitha ThobekaRSA0Destiny Academy Gateway