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SACSSA 2018 Under 09 Girls

Last update 27.10.2018 17:10:44, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 106)

Starting rank

1Hlatshwayo GuguRSA0Cosmos
2Hunkin SarahRSA0Alberton Academy
3Kabwe MasengoRSA0Covenant College
4Kuveya  Rufaro RSA0Word of Life
5Lehman  KylaRSA0Lofdal CS
6Mate DelarosaRSA0Cosmos
7Mohlabane RorisangRSA0West Rand
8Mokoena TlotloRSA0Cosmos
9Moraba KylaRSA0West Rand
10Mulamula FikaniRSA0Alpha & Omega
11Mweli NomusaRSA0Cosmos
12Ngalo  Nkhensani RSA0Lofdal CS
13Nkosi ZoeRSA0West Rand
14Nkuna NsasekoRSA0Shanan School
15Pillay Cass-LeighRSA0Alpha & Omega
16Plaatjies CayleighRSA0Covenant College
17Tom PhenyoRSA0Lofdal CS