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Last update 28.10.2018 22:01:45, Creator/Last Upload: aeliens

Player overview for BLR

27GMKovalev Vladislav2664BLR1½1½½½½½16,022Masters

Results of the last round for BLR

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMKovalev Vladislav26645 1 - 05 GMGupta Abhijeet2588

Player details for BLR

GM Kovalev Vladislav 2664 BLR Rp:2725 Pts. 6,0
1109IMGuramishvili Sopiko2378GEO4,0w 1
272IMKeymer Vincent2491GER5,0s ½
380GMWilliams Simon K2457ENG5,0w 1
47GMGrischuk Alexander2769RUS6,5w ½
51GMAronian Levon2780ARM5,5s ½
62GMGiri Anish2780NED6,0s ½
751GMWagner Dennis2572GER5,0w ½
848GMTregubov Pavel V.2588RUS5,0s ½
947GMGupta Abhijeet2588IND5,0w 1
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