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VIII World Champion Mikhail Tal blitz cup-2018

Last update 10.11.2018 18:23:11, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank crosstable

No.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.Rd12.Rd13.RdPts.Rk. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKovalenko Igor2702LAT 67w1 33b1 18w1 7b0 30w1 11b1 5w1 12b1 3w0 8b1 15w1 2b1 17w111,01106,5113,52567
2GMFridman Daniel2566GER 68b1 35w1 21b1 9w½ 12w½ 14b½ 16w1 15b1 7w1 5b0 4b1 1w0 19b08,514108,5115,52385
3GMEhlvest Jaan2487USA 69w1 38b1 20w1 11b½ 10w½ 18b1 17w½ 24w½ 1b1 12b0 30w1 5b1 7w110,03105,5111,02452
4GMStarostits Ilmars2443LAT 70b1 37w1 25b½ 23w1 11w0 29b0 52w1 31w1 27b1 17b1 2w0 18b1 12w19,5597,5103,02326
5IMBerzinsh Roland2401LAT 71w1 40b1 24w1 12b0 38w1 26b1 1b0 19w1 9b1 2w1 7b1 3w0 22w½9,54106,0113,02420
6NMNikolajev Denis2379LAT 72b1 39w1 29b1 17w0 33b1 21w0 31b1 23w0 49b1 35w½ 25b1 15w½ 44b19,01095,5101,52220
7FMBernotas Arturs2373LAT 73w1 42b1 31w1 1w1 17b1 8b1 12w0 21w1 2b0 30b1 5w0 9w1 3b09,06108,0115,02408
8IMSveshnikov Vladimir2348LAT 74b1 41w1 47b½ 25w1 15b1 7w0 19b½ 26w1 23b1 1w0 44b0 35w1 24b19,0899,5105,52284
9FMMustaps Matiss2309LAT 75w1 44b1 57w1 2b½ 49w1 12b0 20w1 17b½ 5w0 26b1 51w1 7b0 30w19,0999,0105,02285
10MKSharankov Grigory2309RUS 76b1 43w1 61b½ 47w1 3b½ 17w0 35b1 30w0 51b½ 33w1 21b0 49w1 25b½8,02295,0101,02146
11FMChukavin Kirill2303EST 77w1 46b1 58w1 3w½ 4b1 1w0 21b0 32b1 18w1 29b1 12w0 22b0 33w18,515104,5111,02288
12FMPutka Verners2301LAT 78b1 45w1 63b1 5w1 2b½ 9w1 7b1 1w0 21b½ 3w1 11b1 44w1 4b010,02106,5112,52467
13MKDubrovin Robert2296EST 79w1 52b1 65w½ 49b0 54w1 31b0 62w1 34b1 29w0 36b1 22w0 43b0 66w17,53887,093,02024
14MKLaimins Lauris2274LAT 80b1 47w0 62w1 42b1 40w1 2w½ 24b0 33w1 30b0 39w1 35b0 48b1 51w18,51991,597,02149
15WGMRogule Laura2266LAT 81w1 54b½ 50w1 65b1 8w0 37b1 29w1 2w0 39b1 21w1 1b0 6b½ 34w19,01194,099,52280
16IMAntoms Guntars2265LAT 82b1 49w½ 51b1 61w½ 29b½ 47w1 2b0 39w0 48b1 55w½ 56w0 57b1 45w18,02591,097,52075
17NMIndricans Olgerts2251LAT 83w1 56b1 66w1 6b1 7w0 10b1 3b½ 9w½ 24b1 4w0 19b1 21w1 1b09,07105,0108,52362
18NMKretainis Kristaps2236LAT 84b1 53w1 1b0 41w1 35b1 3w0 39b½ 47w1 11b0 61w1 65b1 4w0 42w18,51795,5101,52219
19NMJankovskis Guntis2208LAT 85w1 58b0 69w1 44b1 52w½ 65b1 8w½ 5b0 40w1 34b1 17w0 38b1 2w19,01293,599,02209
20FMLevchenkov Vitaly2202LAT 86b1 55w1 3b0 43w1 37b½ 59w1 9b0 49w½ 44b0 63w0106b1 71w1 61b18,02889,594,52031
21MKGolubovskis Maksims2151LAT 87w1 60b1 2w0 46b1 66w1 6b1 11w1 7b0 12w½ 15b0 10w1 17b0 43w18,51699,5105,52270
22MKVolodins Igors2140LAT 88b1 57w0 71b0 94w1 76b1 61w½ 59b1 51w0 53b1 47w1 13b1 11w1 5b½9,01388,093,02076
23MKBerzinsh Ivars2133LAT 89w½117b1 54w1 4b0 62w1 52b½ 38w1 6b1 8w0 44w0 55b1 34b0 58w18,02691,096,02074
24MKBatashevs Arsens2119LAT 90b1 59w1 5b0 45w1 61b½ 49w1 14w1 3b½ 17w0 51b0 29w1 56b1 8w08,02198,5104,52167
25NMStepanov Timofej2111LAT 91w1 64b1 4w½ 8b0 65w0 69b1 54w1 40b½ 46w1 58b1 6w0 45b½ 10w½8,03088,593,52118
26NMSmorodinskis Igors2100LAT 92b0128w1 72b1 53w1 63b1 5w0 41b1 8b0 56w1 9w0 68b0 61w½ 54b17,53787,589,51973
27NMDaudzvardis Janis2093LAT 93w1 66b0 73w1 52b0 79w1 46b1 40w½ 42b1 4w0 65b0 49b0 98w1 53b17,54284,590,51946
28MKGraudins Ilmars2092LAT 94b1 61w0 76b0 96w½ 98b0126w1 85b1 70w1 55b0 69w1 53b0 77b0105w16,57175,080,01669
29MKUngurs Edgars2092LAT 95w1114b1 6w0 56b1 16w½ 4w1 15b0 61w1 13b1 11w0 24b0 47w1 35b18,51894,098,52174
30MKKolasa Pjotrs2086LAT 96b1 63w0 77b1 55w1 1b0 53w1 43b1 10b1 14w1 7w0 3b0 68w1 9b08,02098,5105,02184
31FMDzjuba Vsevolod2083LAT 97w1133b1 7b0 59w½ 68b1 13w1 6w0 4b0 62w1 71w½ 63b1 51b0 99w18,02790,091,51987
32MKIndricans Vadims2080LAT 98b1 65w0 80b1 63w0 77b1 56w1 61b½ 11w0 71b0 72w½ 78b1 59w0 82b17,05582,588,01834
33MKStabulnieks Klavs2077LAT 99w1 1w0 83b1 57b1 6w0 58b1 42w½ 14b0 96w1 10b0 54w1 53w1 11b07,53394,097,52085
34MKDijokas Linas2072LTU100b½ 92w1 49b0 89w½ 78b1 57b1 44w1 13w0 43b1 19w0 71b1 23w1 15b08,03188,093,02007
35MKBolsakovs Vadims2065LAT101w1 2b0 85w1 58b1 18w0 60b1 10w0 52b1 66w1 6b½ 14w1 8b0 29w07,53493,097,52127
36MKRasa Gints2065LAT102b½100w½ 84b1 68w½ 59b0 70w1 51b0 89w1 72b1 13w0 61b0 81w1 63b½7,05880,586,01809
37FMKrustkalns Kristaps2061LAT103w1 4b0 87w1 60b1 20w½ 15w0 68b½ 56b0 65w0 99b0105w0101b1 91w16,07683,087,51779
38MKKolesnikovs Ivans2061LAT104b1 3w0 88b1 71w1 5b0 63w1 23b0 57b1 58w0 59w1 98b1 19w0 68b18,02491,595,52008
39MKPogrebnojs Dmitrijs2056LAT105w1 6b0 91w1 64b½ 67w½ 66b1 18w½ 16b1 15w0 14b0 57w½ 58b0 74w17,05187,592,51995
40NMStasans Aivars2054LAT106b1 5w0 90b1 76w1 14b0 67w1 27b½ 25w½ 19b0 68w0 86b1 63w0 88b17,04988,593,51917
41MKGudovskis Konstantins2051LAT107w1 8b0 93w1 18b0 80w1 87b1 26w0 58b0 99w1 56b0 79w1 74b1 46w07,05385,090,51852
42NMJazdanovs Aleksandrs2038LAT108b1 7w0 92b1 14w0 82b1 72w1 33b½ 27w0 61b0 77b1 60w1 65w1 18b07,54085,090,01964
43MKDrilins Andris2035LAT109w1 10b0 95w1 20b0 85w1 97b1 30w0 60b1 34w0 57b½ 66w1 13w1 21b07,54384,089,01971
44MKSinauridze Simons2019LAT110b1 9w0 94b1 19w0 83b1 74w1 34b0 63w1 20w1 23b1 8w1 12b0 6w08,02392,095,52102
45WFMVidruska Renate1997LAT111w1 12b0103w1 24b0 87w0 91b1 96w1 66b0107w1 89b1 58w1 25w½ 16b07,54483,088,01840
46WFMGorozhankina Julia1983RUS112b1 11w0 96b1 21w0 84b1 27w0 74b1 68w1 25b0 98w0 91b1107w1 41b18,03284,089,01886
47MKBekasovs Rihards1978LAT113w1 14b1 8w½ 10b0 64w1 16b0 65w1 18b0 97w1 22b0 90w1 29b0 77w17,53688,592,52023
48NMMierins Eriks1967LAT114b- 97b-118b1 97w-107w1 92w1 76b1 71b½ 16w0 81b1 96w1 14w0 65b17,54680,084,51935
49IBirgelis Janis1966LAT115w1 16b½ 34w1 13w1 9b0 24b0 64w1 20b½ 6w0 66b½ 27w1 10b0 96w06,56392,597,52050
50MKZarovs Aleksandrs1962LAT116b½102w1 15b0 66b0 96w0112w1 98b½ 88w1 82b½ 90w0107b0118b1 93w05,59576,581,01527
51MKIvanov Igor1958LAT117w½ 89b1 16w0 79b0102w1 81b1 36w1 22b1 10w½ 24w1 9b0 31w1 14b08,02989,094,02036
52MKMelderis Uldis1952LAT118b1 13w0 97b1 27w1 19b½ 23w½ 4b0 35w0 89b0 91w0122b1 85w1 76b17,05781,586,01871
53WFMKrumina Linda1930LAT119w1 18b0107w1 26b0 91w1 30b0 77w½ 75b1 22w0 93b1 28w1 33b0 27w06,56584,587,51861
54MKAntonivs Vladislavs1919LAT120b1 15w½ 23b0102w1 13b0 79w1 25b0 72w0101b1 82w1 33b0 90b1 26w06,56683,087,51845
55MKTenis Girts1914LAT121w1 20b0111w1 30b0 93w½ 96b0101w1 77b1 28w1 16b½ 23w0 99b0 79w17,05682,086,51801
56NMPolyakov Fedor1911LAT122b1 17w0100b1 29w0 89b1 32b0 78w1 37w1 26b0 41w1 16b1 24w0 59b½7,53987,091,51983
57IGolsta Madara1911LAT123w1 22b1 9b0 33w0 90b1 34w0 82b1 38w0 91b1 43w½ 39b½ 16w0 98b17,05088,093,01924
58MKAlipovs Anatoljs1910LAT124b1 19w1 11b0 35w0 92b1 33w0 83b1 41w1 38b1 25w0 45b0 39w1 23b07,05286,590,01997
59MKBrikers Aleksandrs1893LAT125w1 24b0114w1 31b½ 36w1 20b0 22w0 79b½ 87w1 38b0 89w1 32b1 56w½7,54185,088,51919
60MKPetrovs Jaroslavs1886LAT126b1 21w0108b1 37w0100b1 35w0 84b1 43w0 90b½ 97w1 42b0 82w0 81b16,56878,083,01741
61FMOzolins Aris1884LAT127w1 28b1 10w½ 16b½ 24w½ 22b½ 32w½ 29b0 42w1 18b0 36w1 26b½ 20w07,04793,597,52100
62MKFedorovichs Vladimirs1874LAT128b½116w1 14b0131w1 23b0 98w1 13b0 81w1 31b0106w0 82b0117b1 90w½6,08576,078,01625
63IMikelsons Mikelis-Emils1872LAT129w1 30b1 12w0 32b1 26w0 38b0 87w1 44b0117w1 20b1 31w0 40b1 36w½7,53589,593,51986
64MKBoreisis Vitauts1860LAT130b1 25w0121b1 39w½ 47b0116w1 49b0 96b0 93w0111b1 77w0112w½102b05,010376,079,51528
65MKLelis Janis1843LAT131w1 32b1 13b½ 15w0 25b1 19w0 47b0106w1 37b1 27w1 18w0 42b0 48w06,56293,097,01985
66NMMaklakova Nellija1840LAT132b1 27w1 17b0 50w1 21b0 39w0 90b1 45w1 35b0 49w½ 43b0106w1 13b06,56486,590,01916
67MKKirsbergs Girts1833LAT 1b0 98w1131b½112w1 39b½ 40b0 89w0 90w0100b½120w1 85b½ 86w1107b17,05977,581,51676
68IBogorods Daniels1815LAT 2w0 99b1133w1 36b½ 31w0 93b1 37w½ 46b0132w1 40b1 26w1 30b0 38w07,05485,086,51886
69IBockarjovs Vasilijs1790LAT 3b0101w1 19b0 98w½112b1 25w0106b0104w1 85b1 28b0 93w1 96b0100w05,59483,087,01673
70MKPlume Gunars1779LAT 4w0103b0110w½115b1118w1 36b0 93w1 28b0 77w0101b1 81w0 80b0122b15,59871,074,51611
71NMParhomenko Margarita1763LAT 5b0104w1 22w1 38b0 97w0 94b1100b1 48w½ 32w1 31b½ 34w0 20b0 87w17,04889,093,01925
72IPakalns Raivis Kristians1761LAT 6w0105b1 26w0 95b1114w1 42b0 97w½ 54b1 36w0 32b½ 99w0 87b0 94w16,08278,583,01752
73MKBreikss Peteris1743LAT 7b0106w1 27b0100w0116b0122w0124w1115b0114w1109b1118w1 89b1 97w17,06169,072,51577
74MKLapins Janis1740LAT 8w0107b0113w1 99b1117w1 44b0 46w0 97b0 95w1105b1 87w1 41w0 39b06,08179,083,01686
75IDombrovska Stefanija1732LAT 9b0108w0120b½116w0128b1115w1121b1 53w0106b0131w1 97b½ 88w0103b16,09167,069,01457
76MkSmilga Ivars1716LAT 10w0109b1 28w1 40b0 22w0105b1 48w0 99b0102w1 96b0111w1 94b1 52w06,07583,088,01734
77IMalnieks Karlis1706LAT 11b0110w1 30w0101b1 32w0109b1 53b½ 55w0 70b1 42w0 64b1 28w1 47b06,56778,582,01880
78IRoze Janis1699LAT 12w0111b0119w1103b1 34w0114b1 56b0 91w0104b1122w1 32w0 97b0117w16,08870,573,51607
79MKVambute Dana1687LAT 13b0112w½116b1 51w1 27b0 54b0102w1 59w½ 98b0103w1 41b0 91w1 55b06,08079,083,51737
80MKOsobskaja Zinaida1668LAT 14w0113b1 32w0105b1 41b0100w0108b1 98w0103b0104w1126b½ 70w1106b05,59772,576,51577
81IRizihs Valerijs1652LAT 15b0118w½112b0128w1120b1 51w0116b1 62b0115w1 48w0 70b1 36b0 60w05,59676,578,51618
82MKGolsta Ramona1643LAT 16w0115b½117w½107b1 42w0111b1 57w0122b1 50w½ 54b0 62w1 60b1 32w06,57075,580,01759
83ILacis Aleksandrs1641LAT 17b0120w1 33w0109b1 44w0117b1 58w0107b0105w0121b0115w0129b½116w03,512873,577,51400
84MKAlainis Artis1640LAT 18w0119b1 36w0111b1 46w0123b1 60w0117b0121w1107b0127w1105b0108w16,08771,574,51548
85ISlobodjans Mitrofans1623LAT 19b0122w1 35b0104w1 43b0106w½ 28w0118b1 69w0115b1 67w½ 52b0111w16,08476,080,01693
86IPomahs Ziedonis1597LAT 20w0121b0122w1114b0109w0118b1111w1132b0129w1117b1 40w0 67b0112w05,011265,569,01390
87MKFridensteins-Bridins Atis1587LAT 21b0124w1 37b0106w1 45b1 41w0 63b0100w1 59b0132w1 74b0 72w1 71b06,07979,583,01708
88IBogdanovics Kirills1582LAT 22w0123b1 38w0117b0111w0119b1109w1 50b0122w0125b1121w1 75b1 40w06,08969,072,01570
89IVingris Mikelis1582LAT 23b½ 51w0128b1 34b½ 56w0108w1 67b1 36b0 52w1 45w0 59b0 73w0109b16,07484,586,51786
90IVissarionovs Artjoms1573LAT 24w0125b1 40w0132b1 57w0129b1 66w0 67b1 60w½ 50b1 47b0 54w0 62b½6,08675,078,51721
91IPiksis Davids1572LAT 25b0126w1 39b0108w1 53b0 45w0114w1 78b1 57w0 52b1 46w0 79b0 37b05,010279,584,01722
92IPlate Marks1566LAT 26w1 34b0 42w0133b1 58w0 48b0117w0111b0116b1112w½120b½122w0124w15,010572,574,01499
93IFilipovs Jevgenijs1565LAT 27b0130w1 41b0121w1 55b½ 68w0 70b0116w1 64b1 53w0 69b0126w1 50b16,57371,575,01712
94IVernuks Vjaceslavs1543LAT 28w0127b1 44w0 22b0119w1 71w0122b0113b1111w0129b1132b1 76w0 72b05,010967,570,51469
95MKVainovska Valentina1541LAT 29b0132w1 43b0 72w0106b0127w0120b1112w1 74b0126w0114w0110b1125w15,011066,570,01408
96IBurenkovs Artjoms1534LAT 30w0129b1 46w0 28b½ 50b1 55w1 45b0 64w1 33b0 76w1 48b0 69w1 49b17,54582,086,01941
97IPetrovska Arina1528LAT 31b0 48w+ 52w0 48b+ 71b1 43w0 72b½ 74w1 47b0 60b0 75w½ 78w1 73b06,07780,085,51750
98IFreibergs Andrejs1517LAT 32w0 67b0123w1 69b½ 28w1 62b0 50w½ 80b1 79w1 46b1 38w0 27b0 57w06,07879,585,01844
99MKStrods Kristaps Reinis1512LAT 33b0 68w0124b1 74w0108b0130w1126b1 76w1 41b0 37w1 72b1 55w1 31b07,06074,578,01748
100IMierins Emils Janis1511LAT 34w½ 36b½ 56w0 73b1 60w0 80b1 71w0 87b0 67w½118b0123w1115b1 69b16,56978,082,51720
101IGrinfelds Martins1501LAT 35b0 69b0125w1 77w0121b½120w1 55b0123b1 54w0 70w0131b1 37w0126b04,511869,573,01491
102IZags Tomass1492LAT 36w½ 50b0115w1 54b0 51b0131w1 79b0121w½ 76b0127w0125w1114b1 64w16,09067,070,51567
103MKZalcmane Vija1490LAT 37b0 70w1 45b0 78w0126b0132w0125w1114b1 80w1 79b0117w0121b1 75w05,011166,069,51474
104ILebedevs Jevgenijs1475LAT 38w0 71b0127w1 85b0123w0125b1129w1 69b0 78w0 80b0124w0113b1121w04,012364,067,51360
105ILahs Einars1471LAT 39b0 72w0126b1 80w0127b1 76w0132b0130w1 83b1 74w0 37b1 84w1 28b06,09365,569,01580
106IKrastins Arturs1468LAT 40w0 73b0129w1 87b0 95w1 85b½ 69w1 65b0 75w1 62b1 20w0 66b0 80w16,57275,079,01736
107MKLapkis Mihails1454LAT 41b0 74w1 53b0 82w0 48b0133w1127b1 83w1 45b0 84w1 50w1 46b0 67w06,08376,578,01707
108ISokolovskis Pavels1453LAT 42w0 75b1 60w0 91b0 99w1 89b0 80w0129b0125b0119w1130b1120w1 84b05,011365,568,51433
109IMjatezs Ivans1442LAT 43b0 76w0130b1 83w0 86b1 77w0 88b0126w0133b1 73w0129w1124b1 89w05,011564,065,51401
110ISusejs Voldemars1442LAT 44w0 77b0 70b½118w0131b1121w0115b0127w1120b0116w1112b0 95w0129w03,512963,567,51247
111IStanislavskis Dmitrijs1410LAT 45b0 78w1 55b0 84w0 88b1 82w0 86b0 92w1 94b1 64w0 76b0132w1 85b05,010771,074,51558
112IFrancs Marats1403LAT 46w0 79b½ 81w1 67b0 69w0 50b0123w½ 95b0130w1 92b½110w1 64b½ 86b16,09266,570,01609
113IBartoss Marjans1388LAT 47b0 80w0 74b0120w0130b0128w1133b1 94w0127b0124w0119b1104w0134b14,012755,557,01271
114INuksevics Rudolfs1388LAT 48w+ 29w0 59b0 86w1 72b0 78w0 91b0103w0 73b0128w1 95b1102w0132b15,010870,572,51460
115IBude Toms1375LAT 49b0 82w½102b0 70w0124b1 75b0110w1 73w1 81b0 85w0 83b1100w0131b15,510066,570,01523
116IBirmans Daniels1365LAT 50w½ 62b0 79w0 75b1 73w1 64b0 81w0 93b0 92w0110b0133b1131w0 83b14,512063,565,01484
117ITabors Emils1357LAT 51b½ 23w0 82b½ 88w1 74b0 83w0 92b1 84w1 63b0 86w0103b1 62w0 78b05,010475,078,51639
118ITolmacevs Artjoms1353LAT 52w0 81b½ 48w0110b1 70b0 86w0131b1 85w0126b1100w1 73b0 50w0123b04,511772,075,51492
119IMieze Natalja1344LAT 53b0 84w0 78b0125w1 94b0 88w0130b0131w0 -1108b0113w0128b½133b13,513154,556,01165
120IBaybaratskiy Kirill A.1342RUS 54w0 83b0 75w½113b1 81w0101b0 95w0128b1110w1 67b0 92w½108b0127w15,011659,561,51450
121IAminovs Maksims1341LAT 55b0 86w1 64w0 93b0101w½110b1 75w0102b½ 84b0 83w1 88b0103w0104b15,011464,568,01523
122IStepanovs Dans1335LAT 56w0 85b0 86b0126w0 -1 73b1 94w1 82w0 88b1 78b0 52w0 92b1 70w05,010672,076,01535
123IAleidzans Vadims1316LAT 57b0 88w0 98b0130w1104b1 84w0112b½101w0131b0133w1100b0127b1118w15,510162,063,51339
124IUhanovs Maksims1314LAT 58w0 87b0 99w0127b0115w0 -1 73b0133w0128w1113b1104b1109w0 92b04,012560,061,51250
125IHlopkova Jekaterina1298LAT 59b0 90w0101b0119b0132w1104w0103b0 -1108w1 88w0102b0130w1 95b04,012659,562,51258
126IDaleckis Deniss1287LAT 60w0 91b0105w0122b1103w1 28b0 99w0109b1118w0 95b1 80w½ 93b0101w15,59967,071,51514
127IAprups Rinalds1181LAT 61b0 94w0104b0124w1105w0 95b1107w0110b0113w1102b1 84b0123w0120b04,012463,066,51344
128IIPetrovs Arsenijs1137LAT 62w½ 26b0 89w0 81b0 75w0113b0 -1120w0124b0114b0134w0119w½130b½2,513261,564,51208
129IITolmacevs Romans1077LAT 63b0 96w0106b0 -1133w1 90w0104b0108w1 86b0 94w0109b0 83w½110b14,512163,064,51345
130IIMaklakova Naomi1069LAT 64w0 93b0109w0123b0113w1 99b0119w1105b0112b0134w1108w0125b0128w½3,513063,065,01268
131IAminovs Marats0LAT 65b0 -1 67w½ 62b0110w0102b0118w0119b1123w1 75b0101w0116b1115w04,511965,068,01381
132ISemjonovs Stanislavs0LAT 66w0 95b0 -1 90w0125b0103b1105w1 86w1 68b0 87b0 94w0111b0114w04,012266,069,51353
133IIVarpins Kristians0LAT -1 31w0 68b0 92w0129b0107b0113w0124b1109w0123b0116w0134b0119w02,013365,068,01077
134ITihomirovs Andris1571LAT -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0130b0128b1133w1113w02,013454,556,01149

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)

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