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PECC Rapid Handicap Tournament

Last update 18.10.2018 22:02:34, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 84)

Starting rank

1Nevin TylerRSA1545
2Olivier GrantRSA1450
3Van Huyssteen Jean-RouxRSA1440
4Van Huyssteen Johan AbrahamRSA1278
5CMPeter NeathanRSA1251
6Peter MnicoRSA1229
7Beyleveld KarlRSA1225
8CMPeter NoahRSA1220
9Nevin TimothyRSA1212
10Frosler JordanRSA1198
11Holroyd KeaRSA1079
12Stubbs ChristopherRSA713
13Frosler PaulRSA709
14Nevin MariaanRSA843