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Jakes Gerwel Aurecon - Prestige

Last update 13.10.2018 17:09:26, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 39)

Starting rank

1FMBhawoodien Shabier1630021892072
2PMAmini Daud1830005582051
3PMKlein Bernand1850157632013
4Laurie John1710172321986
5Erlank Warrick1820090371947
6PMLewis Mark1620179681918
7Alzantuti Yousef01898
8September Veroe1930341521874
9CMAdams Seth-Riley1030002381857
10Salimu Reuben1840329951827
11Goredema Dione1970107591791
12Coert Quinton1790532071781
13Willenberg Shane1930429201766
14Mncwabe Minenhle Junior1970764671765
15Willenberg Athon1730429091750
16Gallied Stephen1530101811734
17Pick Deon1570300801710
18Willenberg Glen1620429131677
19Nkuna Mchuchisi1930528301614
20Willenberg Roland1610429191612
21Klaase Shane1970157311582
22WFMJoubert Dantelle2009945451562
23Carelse Jarred1960042141538
24Dhevcharran Kahill1030072221537
25Salem Abdarahim1890539311531
26Mello Nkwadi1000226331488
27Olkers Lleyton1040289471472
28James Michael1900135681962