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El Tunel

Last update 28.10.2018 22:07:23, Creator/Last Upload: josue amaya

Starting rank list of players

8Cambronero Ramirez RonaldCRC1995Club Uvieta
2Cordero Maroto Nelson6503489CRC1834Itcr
1Morales Zumbado Raul6518303CRC1485Club Uvieta
10Grillo Espinoza HanzelCRC1417Club Uvieta
3Corrales Mora FernandoCRC1410Club Uvieta
9Barrantes Batalla GerardoCRC1400CCDR Goicoechea
4Espinoza Cortes Miguel Angel6521177CRC1400Club Uvieta
7Monge Molina Froylan6522521CRC1400CCDR Goicoechea
5Obregon Rojas Edgar6520588CRC1400Club Uvieta
6Segura Monge Marco6517277CRC1400Club Uvieta