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Offene Vereinsmeisterschaft 2018/2019

Last update 03.12.2019 17:28:15, Creator/Last Upload: klaus winkler (schachklub gloggnitz)

Starting rank

1Woltron Karl1647474AUT1547Sk Gloggnitz
2Riegler Leonie1649507AUT1501Sk Gloggnitz
3Riegler Moritz1658646AUT1489Sk Gloggnitz
4Freyler Fritz1647458AUT1480Sk Gloggnitz
5Spiess Christoph1663089AUT1464Sk Gloggnitz
6Bauer Wolfgang1657402AUT1398Sk Gloggnitz
7Futschik Andreas Dr.1658590AUT1361Sk Erlach
8Paragulgov Issa1667351AUT1246Sk Gloggnitz
9Egger Stefanie1666290AUT1129Sk Gloggnitz
10Kager MoritzAUT1109Sk Gloggnitz
11Futschik Raphael1658603AUT1107Sk Erlach
12Grillmayer GabrielAUT1026Sk Gloggnitz
13Neuwirth Eva1658638AUT816Sk Gloggnitz
14Jeitler SelinaAUT0Sk Gloggnitz