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Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games B1 Men Standard

Last update 10.10.2018 06:22:51, Creator/Last Upload: indonesia 2018 asian para games - chess

Player overview for SRI

20Yapa Mudiyanselage Saman Dushyan 51220SRI00100102,017B1 Men
13Cassim Tuan Mohammed Rushdi 51191031SRI00010001,013B2 B3 Men

Results of the last round for SRI

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Yapa Mudiyanselage Saman Dushyan 512202 0 - 1 Pay Kandiyil Mohammed Salih 49311341
Cassim Tuan Mohammed Rushdi 511910311 0 - 1 Ghoorchibeygi Alireza 34291909

Player details for SRI

Yapa Mudiyanselage Saman Dushyan 5122 0 SRI Rp:605 Pts. 2,0
110Carsidi Carsidi 20831458INA4,0w 0
213Nguyen Manh Hung 48451252VIE3,0s 0
315Fernandes Gusmao Domingos Savio 11470TLS1,0w 1
411Bilog Cecilio 49411417PHI3,0s 0
58Sarmiento Rodolfo 49401557PHI3,0w 0
618Martins Do Rego Amandio 11480TLS0,0s 1
712Pay Kandiyil Mohammed Salih 49311341IND3,5w 0
Cassim Tuan Mohammed Rushdi 5119 1031 SRI Rp:1502 Pts. 1,0
16Subaste Arman 49361893PHI4,5w 0
28Bagheri Majid 45761839IRI3,5s 0
34Satrio Gayuh 20671953INA4,5w 0
412Haryanto M 20761451INA0,0s 1
57Pradhan Soundarya Kumar 50001881IND2,5s 0
610Hartono Adji 20701753INA4,5w 0
75Ghoorchibeygi Alireza 34291909IRI2,5w 0
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