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2018 ACL Chess Festival - Under 10

Last update 05.10.2018 15:27:41, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 48)

Starting rank

1Salimu ChaseRSA946
2Groenewald AnchaRSA939
3Mlahleni OkuhleRSA883
4Ngudle MandisiRSA831
5Van Schaik NeilRSA831
6Steininger AlexanderRSA765
7Grove EmilyRSA735
8Lewaks AndreaRSA658
9Jacobs SumayahRSA646
10Aziz MikaeelRSA594
11Bosman DeleneRSA0
12Jordan ZanderRSA0
13Joubert NinaRSA0
14Moosa RiazRSA0
15Nesi SimileRSA0
16Shapiro MatthewRSA0