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2018 ACL Chess Festival - Elite

Last update 07.10.2018 18:02:46, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 48)

Starting rank

1Amini Daud11000457ZIM2052
2FMBhawoodien Shabir Hussain14300770RSA2026
3James Michael14303175RSA1962
4Erlank Warrick14300990RSA1936
5Khumalo Keith14319470RSA1925
6Baloyi Siphiwe14310783RSA1920
7Kleinsmidt Cherwin14321556RSA1901
8FMGluckman Paul14309513RSA1897
9Samuels Ethan14321068RSA1820
10Felix Ethon14325780RSA1817
11Goredema Dione14311887RSA1808
12CMAdams Seth-Riley14311372RSA1804
13September Veroe14310589RSA1755
14Van Zyl Albrecht14332477RSA1745
15CMSchnabel Johann Emil14311674RSA1707
16Southey Andrew M.14303191RSA1697
17CMFlores Bartoli Andrew14313243RSA1664
18Ohlson Cecil14325845RSA1627
19Nevin Tyler14312603RSA1612
20Dhevcharran Kahill14323150RSA1558
21Blows Kian14321017RSA1369