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Campeonato Potiguar Absoluto de Xadrez 2010

Last update 26.09.2010 21:10:08, Creator/Last Upload: maximo igor macedo

Top five players

Campeonato Potiguar Absoluto de Xadrez 2010
Final Ranking after 9 Rounds
Rk.NameFEDRtgIRtgNPts. TB1 Rp
1FMMacedo Maximo IackBRA233407,50,02301
2FMBarreto Filho Carlos AlbertoBRA234607,01,02269
3Silveira Filho Neri Da SilvaBRA223320977,00,02315
4Da Costa Jose Artanael CamposBRA202106,50,02193
5Azevedo Alcides Alexandre ABRA204806,00,02162
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