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Inter Region GE vs JHB Metro 2018 (U16 swiss)

Last update 06.10.2018 22:04:00, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 95)

Starting rank

1Vergottini RyanRSA1132
2Sojen AraavRSA1101
3Flockhart ElijahRSA1092
4Mazibuko ThembaRSA1060
5Steyn CorneRSA1037
6Mistry DevakRSA1035
7Modise SiphesihleRSA971
8Neves SharneRSA948
9Fauconier CaleyRSA868
10Olive JordanRSA786
11Bopape TumeloRSA764
12Davis DamiandRSA902