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9th Patraikos Tournament

Last update 03.10.2010 20:51:09, Creator/Last Upload: mr. george georgopoulos

Starting rank

1Masouros PanagiotisGRE1943
2Fourfouris NikolaosGRE1808
3Panagiotopoulos LeonidasGRE1796
4Kanellis NikolaosGRE1782
5Sboukis KonstantinosGRE1697
6Betsos NikolaosGRE1689
7Stamatopoulos ApostolosGRE1603
8Geramoutsos GeorgiosGRE1410
9Androutsopoulos-Agiotatos Vasilios-GeorgiosGRE1165
10Gerogiannis GerasimosGRE1155
11Stamatopoulos GeorgiosGRE1155
12Stefanatos GerasimosGRE1155
13Leftheriotis EmiliosGRE1130
14Sfetsos AndreasGRE1130
15Zapantes DionisiosGRE1070
16Argyropoulos TheodorosGRE1035
17Androutsopoulou-Agiotatou ElenGRE1025
18Kontis MichailGRE1025
19Stamatopoulos IoannisGRE1025
20Gerogiannis DimitriosGRE1020
21Kalyva KyriakiGRE1020
22Zapantes PavlosGRE1020
23Gerogiannis ArgyriosGRE1015
24Sfetsou ChristinaGRE1015
25Athanasopoulos KyriakosGRE1010
26Betsos Nikolaos-EvangelosGRE1005
27Papanikolaou EleftheriosGRE1005
28Papageorgiou IoannisGRE1000