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Fagervik KM 2018

Last update 21.11.2018 22:39:46, Creator/Last Upload: swedish chess federation a

Starting rank list of players

5Söderström Adrian1745786SWE2007
1Fuentes Ruben1728571SWE1955
9Kärrlander Gunnar1711695SWE1772
7Fahlberg Kenneth1747444SWE1762
4Heijdenberg Ronny1726234SWE1752
2Östman Lennart1736981SWE1674
10Engström Olle1711059SWE1493
8Ödman Björn1749404SWE1403
6Ã…berg Mikael1727443SWE1326
3Norberg LarsSWE0