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Cristim Cup U14 - 7th ed.

Last update 30.10.2018 12:53:15, Creator: romanian chess federation (licence 31),Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1Caraba Alexandru16310Cs Alcor Bucuresti
2Ulian Andrei-Octavian15560Csm Bucuresti
3Vitan Rares-Mihai14790Acs Smart Galati
4Toma Alexandru-Mihai14580Csm Bucuresti
5Spiridon Anisia14350wClubul Central De Sah Bucurest
6Mihalea Maria-Ioana14000wCs Petrolul Ploiesti
7Ispas Mihai13910Acs Fianchetto Constanta
8Predescu Ionut-Andrei12910Csm Bucuresti
9Balaban Nicolae-Adrian12590Cs Alcor Bucuresti
10Loloiu Ioan-Sebastian01024Csm Bucuresti
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