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172 RCF and Sport Club Baltika Rapid Cup 10.10.2018.

Last update 10.10.2018 19:56:19, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank

1MKZuckovs Aleksejs11603801LAT2287S50Riga
2IMAntoms Guntars11601469LAT2284S50Riga
3FMLevchenkov Vitaly11600411LAT2233S65Rīga
4MKLaimins Lauris11602465LAT2197Riga
5MKLaizans Aivars11603348LAT2163Rīga
6MKTenis Girts11601566LAT1933Riga
7NMBatakovs Olegs11600888LAT1892S65Riga
8IRogulis Uldis11602775LAT1772S50Riga
9IBirjukovs Anatolijs11604638LAT1548S65Riga
10MKZalcmane Vija11603445LAT1523wS65Rīga
11IOzols Andris11605456LAT1520S50Riga
12ILacis Aleksandrs11600497LAT1497S65Riga
13IAminovs Maksims11610425LAT1364U14Riga
14INevickis Sergejs11608684LAT1163S65Riga