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Richmond Rapidplay 126 U80 Section

Last update 13.10.2019 18:02:16, Creator/Last Upload: paul_mck

Starting rank

1BLICHARZ Maks325885ENG64RJCCRichmond Juniors
2SAGGI Vedaant312540ENG64RJCCLondon *
3RAGUZIN Robert316600ENG63RJCCRichmond Juniors
4BESSONOV Platon315972ENG60RJCCRichmond Juniors
5TUTEJA Jaskaran321361ENG52RJCCRichmond Juniors
6SENGUPTA Sohana317894ENG45wU50RJCCRichmond Juniors
7KULIKOV Yegor321178ENG33U50RJCCRichmond Juniors
8HALDER Tania314398ENG30wU50RJCCTwickenham Prep
9THORESEN Sophie A314905ENG30wU50RJCCRichmond Juniors
10MONI Ettore324537ENG27U50RJCCRichmond Juniors
11BANKS Emily318539ENG25wU50Hampshire Juniors
12BANKS Isobel322783ENG0wHampshire Juniors
13BLICHARZ Aleks325884ENG0RJCCRichmond Juniors
14SOULIER Annabelle327416ENG0wWimbledon *
15THORESEN Ole Johnny0ENG0
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