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HSK Klubturnier 2018 - D3-Gruppe

Last update 08.12.2018 00:54:11, Creator/Last Upload: hsk1830

Starting rank list of players

1Frackowiak Stanislaw24623180GER1549Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
2Brandstrup Alexander16254813GER1490Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
3Malchereck Zion16269233GER1482Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
4Brandstrup Luca Alexander16244990GER1477Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
5Behrendt Denzell16269241GER1407Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
6Dietrich LeifGER1374Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
7Dukhan Mansour-1351Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
8Deckers Gerald16261100GER1334Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
9Goldmann David16268920GER1300Hamburger SK von 1830 eV