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LXV - Torneio XadrezDF KAIZEN Blitz da Amizade CLUBE ASCADE

Last update 15.09.2018 03:48:55, Creator/Last Upload: federacaobrasiliensedexadrez

Starting rank list of players

3Breitman Nelson Rodrigues530693BRA2067Brasilia/Df
2Campos Westerley Batista520094BRA2012Anápolis/Go
5Souza Atahander Julio Fernandes530078BRA2004Brasília/Df
4Dos Santos Junior Joao Batista Araujo530083BRA1849Brasília/Df
7Fontenele Edson Guilherme Lopes Santos530055BRA1819Brasília/Df
1Da Silva Agnaldo Braga530010BRA1811Brasília/Df
6Campos LeandroBRA1716Brasília/Df