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IV SABATINO del CAVilla Ballester. sábado 15/9, 16hs. 2 rondas x día. 45min.+10s

Last update 07.10.2018 01:24:09, Creator/Last Upload: fa enrique m. scarella

Starting rank

1Villarreal Agustin125687ARG1850
2Cuevas Jose180211ARG1790
3Saragossi Guido104205ARG1685
4Habib Carlos173053ARG1676
5Mino Emmanuel162280ARG1633
6Schemper Alejandro155730ARG1629
7Rinas Jorge Alberto112747ARG1555
8Luvino Gustavo174769ARG1442
9Gonzalez Daniel162272ARG1400
10Donel Milton176834ARG1367
11Benitez Javier162264ARG1364
12Villarreal Leonel Alejandro178837ARG1085
13Abruzzese AntonioARG0
14Chamorro OmarARG0
15Gallardo FacundoARG0
16Gherghetta Christian165557ARG0
17Gutierrez MarceloARG0
18Holubica FacundoARG0
19Moscovich DavidARG0
20Moscovich NicolasARG0
21Rumbo Karim JalilARG0
22Rumbo Zaid AliARG0