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II Torneo de Rápidas de Septiembre La Zubia

Last update 14.09.2018 22:00:32, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 373)

Starting rank

1Lopez Nieto Jose Manuel24523305GR1923La Zubia
2Ruiz Moreno Rafael22285806GR1911La Zubia
3Srdoc Nenad14512645GR1846La Zubia
4Jurado Muñoz Santiago22245642GR1815La Zubia
5Martin Ruiz Antonio32020945GR1695La Zubia
6Molina Molina Jose Antonio22245693GR1681La Zubia
7Jimenez Molina Jose Miguel24565717GR1526La Zubia
8Ramirez Morales Eduardo22245774GR1486La Zubia
9Estevez Fortes Jesus22245600GR1440La Zubia
10Garrido Gonzalez Francisco Ja54505844GR1064La Zubia