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2018 Centurion Chess Club Open B Section

Last update 29.09.2018 19:02:35, Creator: south african chess fed. (licence 19),Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 42)

Starting rank

1Bester Carla203001927RSA1496w
2Maharaj Ameet104067563RSA1486
3Mazibuko Buhle103053974RSA1426
4CMBedesi Tahil104001642RSA1421
5Maharaj Ajeet104067562RSA1418
6WCMVather Kasmira205052564RSA1407w
7Ristic Andrej105046331RSA1407
8CMVather Shayur107053924RSA1398
9Lingard Bevan104069181RSA1398
10Nieuwoudt Hanno102027765RSA1394
11Levitan Caleb110091706RSA1353
12UMDenner Duan102007142RSA1348
13Odendaal Ruben104028754RSA1344
14Nguyen Minh106076005RSA1339
15Odendaal Mikhal106028748RSA1329
16Levitan Judah110091704RSA1268
17Weideman Kayleigh205042537RSA1268w
18Burgers Adriaan107057529RSA1241
19Amrouni Gabrielle201079539RSA1234w
20Sathish Abinavah109069454RSA1223