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TORRE BLANCA - IRT Sub 2000 de Septiembre

Last update 03.10.2018 04:26:15, Creator/Last Upload: ai leandro

Starting rank

1Herrera Pablo114979ARG1989
2Galarce Ruben112690ARG1971
3Sardi Mariano126365ARG1948
4Quinonez Hector119776ARG1880
5AIMGaribaldi Lucio308128843ARG1823
6Canaparo Marcelo145130ARG1737
7Chiappano Marcelo172715ARG1675
8Pravettoni Ezequiel123714ARG1574
9Garibaldi Nicolas185507ARG1564
10Schitter Ricardo151980ARG1523
11Goldwasser Jonathan176214ARG1455
12Quinones Martin159298ARG1410
13Fiorito Francisco180165ARG1402
14Camio Damian175234ARG1347
15Fiorito Joaquin180173ARG1275
16Gonzalez Hector Oscar185515ARG0
17Loray Matias Joaquin174130ARG0