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Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge 2018 Southern Challengers U11

Last update 09.09.2018 19:28:42, Creator/Last Upload: emma-jane billington-phillips

Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1  TB2  TB3 
14Tjoe YangziENG104Kew College5,01,015,0
21Ali ShahvezENG124Kings College Junior School5,00,016,0
35Rebonato-Scott SebastianoENG102Westminster Under4,50,015,0
46Crosby BenENG101Great Walstead4,50,013,0
530Bashir AdamENG63Sancton Wood4,50,011,0
633Reeve FelixENG61Moulsham Junior School4,00,013,5
719Lau WilliamENG884,00,013,5
818Heard TomENG88Amherst School4,00,013,0
25Greene ViniciusENG76Homefield Preparatory School4,00,013,0
1015Rees SophieENG92Copthorne Prep4,00,012,5
113Srikanta Prasad SuyashENG117Lynch Hill Primary School3,50,015,0
1214Ford ConorENG92Bucks Youth Chess3,50,012,5
138Wynn JacobENG100Wallands3,50,011,0
1413Jonikas AugustasENG93Surbiton Chess Club3,50,010,5
152Bacon BennyENG122Littletownsidmouth3,00,014,0
1622Airikkala FlameENG77Bishopsgate3,00,012,5
1720Crosby PeterENG84Great Walstead3,00,012,0
1810Mcmahon MayaENG98Horsham Junior Chess Club3,00,010,0
12Pham CatherineENG94 Camberley Junior Chess Club3,00,010,0
2016Sermaxhaj KelvinENG91Newham3,00,09,5
2111Davies BrynENG96Kings College Junior School3,00,07,5
2221Singh VanikENG84Kettering2,50,012,0
2329Kroening AlexanderENG65Ojays2,50,08,5
2424Murray Baert SebastianENG77Kings College School Cambridge2,00,013,0
2527Lisowski OliviaENG74North Bridge Housebarnet Knights2,00,012,5
2635Zarzecki JamesENG36Cjcc2,00,012,0
2723Mori GakuENG772,00,011,5
287Paul AarvENG101Torquay Boys Grammar School2,00,011,5
2926Magrath JamieENG76Cambridge Steiner School2,00,011,5
3034Hall JackENG55Sheringham Primary1,50,012,5
3128Pashley DarcyENG72Sheringham Primary School1,50,010,5
3232Balachandar HaridhraENG61Sussex Road C P School1,00,09,5
3336Thompson NoahENG25Parkside School Tough Chess0,50,08,5
349Chang BenENG99Chelmsford Junior Chess Club0,00,09,0
17Griffith WillowENG900,00,09,0
31Gupta MeghaENG62North London Collegiate School0,00,09,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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